I'm back from running errands for you/ Eleonora Requena

I'm back from running errands for you
I barely zigzagged on the road and I had to open new ways
for my relief I sum up and acknowledge
I helped myself to your desires            and that voice
imposed your appetences    that were also
ravine of my pleasures
I'm frequent in the slight pretension of forgetfulness
and didn't stop hoisting flags and understanding defeats
take this thistle as barely sweet
as disgrace and swallow it
just like that

Eleonora Requena (Caracas, 1968). This poem is from Mandados (La liebre Libre, 2000). She has also published Sed (Eclepsidra, 1998), Es de día (El Pez Soluble, 2004), La noche sin agüeros (2007), and Ética del aire (Bid&Co, 2008). Her blog: Noctura, mas no funesta.

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  1. Otro tordo que escribió originalmente en inglés

    poem 520

    I started Early -- Took my Dog --
    And visited the Sea --
    The Mermaids in the Basement
    Came out to look at me --

    And Frigates -- in the Upper Floor
    Extended Hempen Hands --
    Presuming Me to be a Mouse --
    Aground -- upon the Sands --

    But no Man moved Me -- till the Tide
    Went past my simple Shoe --
    And past my Apron -- and my Belt --
    And past my Bodice -- too --

    And made as He would eat me up --
    As wholly as a Dew
    Upon a Dandelion's Sleeve --
    And then -- I started -- too --

    And He -- He followed -- close behind --
    I felt his Silver Heel
    Upon my Ankle -- Then my Shoes
    Would overflow with Pearl --

    Until We met the Solid Town --
    No One He seemed to know --
    And bowing -- with a Mighty look --
    At me -- The Sea withdrew --

    Emily Dickinson